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Diagnostic Centre in Bopal

MRI Price In Ahmedabad Bopal, Ahmedabad

MRI Price In Ahmedabad Bopal, Ahmedabad



MRI is an abbreviation used for Magnetic resonance imaging, which is a diagnostic service provided by the best of the hospitals.


CT Scan

Computed Tomography, also known as CT or CAT Scan, it is a diagnostic procedure used to produce detailed X-ray images of the body



Sonography tests require no preparation, for some, you may be asked to drink large quantities of liquids (water), and for the others


Colour Doppler

Colour Doppler is a type of ultrasound-based imaging technique used to visually observe blood flow


Digital X-RAY (DR)

X-ray tests and procedures typically take place in a separate area designated for this purpose.


CT Guided Biopsy

It is a medical procedure used by radiologist to take a sample from a suspected tumour


USG Guided Biopsy

Ultrasound to visualise the internal organs as well as mass or lesion and take biopsy sample


2D Echo

Also known as an echo cardiogram, it is used to study the heart’s movement using high-frequency or ultrasound waves.


Latest Equipment

Advanced technologies and excellent service are key to a imaging experience.


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